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Creating EC2 Instance in AWS with Ubuntu 18.04

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud ) is part of the “Compute” service in AWS (Amazon Web Services). EC2 is nothing but a VM (Virtual Machine) in AWS. It is a web service of AWS using which a user can create a VM (EC2 Instance) whenever needed as per the requirement.

  • AWS Account (if you don't have on then create )
Steps We Will Follow
  • Login into AWS
  • Select Specified Zone Region (Where we will create our EC2 Instance)
  • Launch a new Instance with Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS AMI
  • Connect to Instance through SSH with a PEM file.
Login into AWS

Login in to your AWS account (click here to go to AWS login page).
Clicking in above link, you will see page as below, fill out your login details here to login into your AWS account

AWS Login
AWS Login Screen

If you don't have AWS account click here to register

Once you will Successfully Login (or created account with above link and than login) you will land on page as below which will list all the Services which you can use with your AWS account.

AWS Management Console
AWS Management Console
Select Specified Zone/Region

Now Selecting Zone/Region plays an important role while creating your AWS instance as it will define where you AWS Virtual EC2 machine will be located.
To understand more about selection of zone click here


Step 1 - Select Zone where you want to create your AWS EC2 Instance (Refer above image to know how to select Zone/Region).

Step 2 - After Successful Selection of Zone/Region Click on Running Instance if you have a new account you will see count 0 there.

After following Step 2 as mentioned above you will redirect to page looks like below image

EC2 Dashboard
EC2 Dashboard

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